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SS2 Goreng Pisang is a homegrown business started with a humbling beginning in the early 1980s by Madam Ong & Mr. Wong. In those days it was a common sight to see bicycle food carts along the streets selling varieties of homemade delicacy.

Madam Ong & Mr. Wong used the bicycle food cart to sell fritters specialty at SS2 Petaling Jaya for almost 30 years.  With the continuous support from the local community, we had the opportunity to establish ourselves as the “SS2 Goreng Pisang” stall. Hence, the name stuck on till today.

We use Pisang Raja as our banana fritters. There are many varieties of banana available in Malaysia, for example, pisang nangka, pisang abu, pisang awak, pisang mas & etc. However, after years of experimenting, we decided to remain with Pisang Raja. The reason we use Pisang Raja is due to its incomparable sweetness, texture and suitability for frying. It is a common banana species in Malaysia but not easily available in local fruit stall due to its high demand in neighboring countries.

In the early days, fritter snacks like Kuih Bakul a.k.a. Sweet Glutinous Rice Cake layer with Yam & Sweet Potato, used to be a common household snack. However, the tedious and long hours of cooking has deterred many from learning the techniques of preparing it. For example, the Sweet Glutinous Rice Cake has to be steamed for at least 15 hours a day in order to achieve a glossy surface and soft elastic texture.

As modernization in our society took place, many of our local street food have lost its tradition and authenticity. Hence, SS2 Goreng Pisang aims to play the part, to maintain the tradition of our Malaysian specialty by expanding to a new business platform, also to create a new sense of awareness and appreciation of our Malaysian local delicacies in our society.